About us

Monte-Carlo Girl

Monte-Carlo Girl brand lives and breathes the glamourous essence of youthful fashion embodiment of exhilarating Monaco. Monte-Carlo Girl represents the glamourous lifestyle of its vibrant social life. The passion for fashion is elegantly represented by the youthful style that speaks to every girl who desires to be a part of Monaco’s bespoken scene.

Discover the brand’s images that flair up Monaco’s many social occasions. The diversity of this brand will make any celebration remarkable, but foremost it is a perfect fit for the vibrant nightlife, exhibiting popular styles of the local beauties.

As the brand will expand, Monte-Carlo Girl aims to deliver various collections to choose from, suited to be proudly worn at formal galas, fancy cocktails, extraordinary private events, and many other social gatherings that Monaco so graciously has to offer.

With an eye for quality and comfort, her collections of dresses and other apparel pieces seemingly fit the lifestyle of fashion-forward girls in Monaco.

As its first collection, Monte-Carlo Girl presents “L’Animal”, various pieces with Amazon-Brazilian inspired animal prints right out of the jungle setting.

Looking forward to many more collections to come, get ready to be introduced to all that is Monaco fashion lifestyle.